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Megan Hathaway

SCHOOL: Glenco District High School

Megan has been on the honour roll throught her high school career at Glencoe District High School. In addition, in grade 9 and 10 Megan won the Academic Mathematics Proficiency Award and the Academic Science Proficiency Award. In grade 11 she won the University Functions and Relations Proficienecy Award, the University Chemistry Proficiency Awards, and the Raising Healthy Children Proficiency Award. She has played numerous number of sports at GDHS. As a junior she was pulled up to play senior volleyball. In badminton, Megan and her partner made it to WOSSAA in her grade 11 year. Megan has also played varsity girls basketball, she was a four year starter as well as captain in grade 11 and 12. In grade 12, she sprained her ankle badly at the beginning of the season, which lead her to help lead the team as a student coach until she could play again. Through grades 10 to 12 she volunteered at GDHS as a coach with a Sports and recreational After School Program on Fridays, and helped in teaching valuable volleyball skills at an Elementary Volleyball Camp. Even though she contributed a lot to sports, she also contributed to the community through volunteering at community dinners and other various events in the Glencoe community.