London Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction

Celebrating sports and creating opportunities for children and youth to reach beyond disability.

Julia Yaremko

SCHOOL: London Central Secondary

During my highschool career at London Central Secondary I was able to participate in many athletic groups and sports teams. Throughout my four years as a golden ghost I am proud to say I have many accomplishments. I have received the MVP award in my grade 10 and 11 year as a member of the junior/senior girls volleyball team. In addition, I was presented with the athlete of the year award in my grade 11 year when I joined London Centrals volleyball, badminton and soccer team. I also was elected to be Captain of the junior girls volleyball team in 2019 as well as the Captain of the< senior girls in 2020, striving to be a positive role model for my team mates. I showed dedication to my school through my many hours of volunteering at Central events such as basketball games, volleyball games, buy ins, and charities. My years on Centrals Student Athletic Association allowed me to become a leader, and resulted in me becoming the executive of the committee in my grade 12 year. Finally, during all four years at London Central I have participated in a sports team, while maintaining a high academic average to allow me to receive the academic award of excellence each year.