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Judson Moorhouse

SCHOOL: Medway High School

Judson has excelled academically and athletically throughout high school. He has maintained an average of 91% or higher while committing to 2 to 4 Medway teams per year as well as a community Track team. As a versatile and talented athlete he has been a part of many Medway teams including Volleyball, Basketball, Swim Team, Badminton, Golf and Track & Field.

Some of his highlights include:

Grade 10

  • TVRA Gold medals in Long Jump, 100m & 300m hurdles
  • WOSSAA Gold medals in Long Jump, 100m & 300m hurdles
  • OFSAA Silver medal in 100m hurdles and Bronze in 300m hurdles
  • Farthest Grade 10 High School Long Jump in Canada
  • Second fastest time in Canada for the 300m hurdles with Club team

Grade 11

  • TVRA Silver medal in 110m hurdles and Bronze in 400m hurdles
  • WOSSAA Silver medal in 110m hurdles and Bronze in 400m hurdles
  • OFSAA West finalist in 400m and 110m hurdles
  • Provincial/National Indoor 60m hurdle champion with Club team

Grade 12

  • Will participate at WOSSAA Swimming with qualifying times in Freestyle and Freestyle Relay

Judson’s dedication, inclusivity and quiet leadership make him an ideal teammate. These personality traits have been positive attributes in leadership roles he has undertaken at the school such as a Team Captain and a Peer Supporter to grade 9 students. He has given back to his community in many ways and has completed 214 volunteer hours to date. Judson’s dedication to excellence in athletics, academics and solid personal characteristics make him a strong student-athlete.