London Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction

Celebrating sports and creating opportunities for children and youth to reach beyond disability.

Freya Moser


1. One of my athletic accomplishments is in a sport I came to relatively recently, nordic skiing. I joined my school’s cross country skiing team and began skate skiing in grade 10 and it has become one of my favourite sports. I love skiing because you can go very fast easily and it’s almost like skating in hockey. It is difficult to practice skiing in London, Ontario, which often does not have the best conditions, but I try to compensate by doing dryland training, including running with my school’s ski team. In grade 10 I qualified for WOSSAA and OFSAA in the Junior Girls category for nordic skiing, placing 2nd at WOSSAA. In grade 11, I qualified for WOSSAA and OFSAA again, this time in the senior girls category. I placed third at WOSSAA and 38th at OFSAA overall (top 20 in the high school catedory). Skiing will continue to be one of my favourite sports and is something which I will pursue at University.

2. Outside of school athletics I play for the St. Thomas Midget B hockey team. The best achievement which has taken place in my hockey career occurred last year. After winning our league, my team qualified for the Ontario Women’s Hockey League provincials and ended up battling for the bronze medal. After many overtimes and some tense moments our team was eventually able to win the bronze medal. This was a great moment for my team and I who had worked extremely hard to get to that moment. It is the best moment in my hockey career.

3. In addition to playing lost of sports, I also try and participate in my community. In grade 10 I was a volunteer at the public library as part of the READ program - helping a younger student learn to read through the planning of fun activities. I have also volunteered planting trees with ReForest London and at the London Food Co-Op, an organization that makes organic, locally produced food more accessible to all income levels. More recently I have become involved with planning climate strikes in London, Ontario as part of the Fridays for Future movement. I helped plan two global climate strikes with several other high school students and adults - one in September and one in November. I also attend weekly strikes on Friday in front of City Hall and help run an Instagram page for the London climate stike which requires me to do in-depth research and fact-checking before posting. At both of the climate strikes, there was at least one hundred people and both events received media coverage. This was a great achievement because I felt as if I was actually contributing to the fight against climate change, an issue which I see as exceedingly significant to our future.

4. One academic achievement I have attained was highest standing in seven of the eight courses I took last year, including advanced functions, biology, chemistry, english, computer sciene, Canadian law, and physics. I really love learning, especially about math and science and I am very excited about going to university next year where I hope to study environmental science. By participating in sports, I have been able to hone the necessary skills critical to academic success, including determination, hard work, patience an teamwork. Furthermore, by balancing sports and academics I have been able to improve my time management skills.

5. Although skiing and hockey are my favourite sports, I also participate in cross country, track, swimming, soccer, and ultimate frisbee becuse I enjoy these sports too. I have qualified and competed at OFSAA for cross country and qualified for WOSSAA in track and field (1500m and 3000m) and swimming.