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Clarissa Sledak

SCHOOL: Medway High School

Clarissa is an extremely driven student who sets high standards and works hard to achieve those standards. This is evident in her high academic standing along with her many athletic achievements. She has maintained a 95% or higher average throughout high school as well as committing to three Medway sports teams each year (Cross-Country, Swim Team and Track & Field). In Cross-Country and Track, she has competed at WOSSAA every year as well as OFSAA for the past three years. Some of her highlights include:

Grade 10

  • TVRA Cross-Country Gold, 800m Silver, 1500m & 3000m Gold
  • WOSSAA Cross-Country Gold, 800m, 1500m & 3000m Gold
  • OFSAA Cross-Country 23rd, 1500m 9th, 3000m Bronze

Grade 11

  • TVRA Cross-Country Silver, 800m Bronze, 1500m & 3000m Silver
  • WOSSAA Cross-Country Gold, 1500m Silver, 3000m Gold
  • OFSAA Cross-Country 18th, 3000m 8th

Grade 12

  • TVRA Cross-Country Silver
  • WOSSAA Cross-Country Bronze
  • OFSAA Cross-Country 36th

Clarissa is a role model, leader and motivator to younger members of her teams. She leads by example demonstrating solid training habits but is also humble and approachable to her fellow athletes. Outside of athletics, Clarissa also demonstrates initiative and leadership, completing 437 volunteer hours to date. Her loyalty to the Best Buddies program throughout high school and taking on the commitment of an executive position is just one example. Her dedication to this program which positively impacts the lives of students with physical and intellectual disabilities shows her selfless and compassionate leadership. This generous personality has been evident throughout high school as a member of the S.A.A and a Peer Supporter but also outside of school when she embarked on a missions trip to Honduras. All of these qualities make her an exceptional student, a leader and role model for others.